Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing real estate is overwhelming to most buyers. For CONSUMERS & INVESTORS, HTRealtyGroup provides an excellent source of information to help our clients purchase the right home, DREAM HOME, or introduce real estate products to investors in order to maximize their profitability during the time they own the property. We fully understand that our job is to provide the suitable and necessary information in order for clients to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

Property Acquisition Flow Chart

Purchasing a property is usually overwhelming for buyers. For a successful purchase we put together a summary of proper steps in order to make the process easier.
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Hidden costs   

Many of new home buyers do not know about hidden costs in purchasing a property, here are the main ones with estimated cost.
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Understanding Taxes

A lot of our clients find real estate taxes a bit confusing. Here is a summary we put together to help you understand taxes better.
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